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100% of Donations to this Campaign Will Be Used to Help Cover Emergency Medical Costs

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This fund was originally created due to the compassion of a 7th grader. This fund is used EXCLUSIVELY to help cover the cost of EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE for CHN pups.

This summer CHN incurred more than $25,000 in medical costs over and beyond what is normally budgeted due to emergency cases! Please help us cover those costs so CHN can continue its mission to save the lives of deserving pups!

It had been a dream of Canine Humane Network to start a medical fund to provide emergency medical care for abandoned or stray dogs who simply need medical care to have a second chance at getting adopted by wonderful, loving families. Alex Schoenfeld, a 7th grade student, approached our rescue in May of 2018 in hopes of asking for donations for the rescue instead of receiving personal gifts at her Bat Mitzvah. It was as if the stars aligned...what a perfect opportunity to help Alex make a real difference for needy pups who desperately need help, while at the same time helping the CHN organization start the medical fund it has dreamed of starting. So, it is because of this lovely, selfless young lady that this medical fund was created. NOW, more than ever, THIS FUND IS VITALLY IMPORTANT TO THE LIFE BLOOD OF CHN!

CHN guarantees that 100% of all donations to this fund will be used for medical emergencies to save lives of needy pups.

CHN will provide the medical help needed to get those pups healthy and happy!

These are some of the pups helped in the past. THIS SUMMER - $25,000 over and above the usual medical costs was incurred

Click on Buddy's Link

Buddy's Adoption Video After His Life-Saving Surgery

Some examples of medical emergencies recently:

Lottie: an Australian Shepherd from WVA who was caged for breeding purposes by a backyard breeder for her entire 10 years of life. When she could no longer breed, she was left at a high kill shelter. She was pulled by a sister rescue and sent to CHN. CHN then provided the $1,800 needed to repair a damaged hip joint as a result of her years of confinement. Lottie is now living in PA with the Kozaks she has a fur-sibling too!

Vixen: a tiny, long-haired chihuahua was in desperate need of jaw surgery as a result of neglect and abuse, so she could open her mouth enough to eat. CHN stepped in to provide the $2,000 to not only surgically repair her jaw, but the organization found her the perfect, loving home with Christeanna right here in Howard County!

Delilah: a beagle whose leg was shattered due to being hit by a car was provided the necessary emergency surgery to make her the bionic pup! She is now living in Howard County with Ethan and Susan who love her to the moon and back. Her leg is healing beautifully and with the physical therapy that followed her surgery, we expect a full recovery. Her surgery and follow up appointments added up to $5,000.

Maverick: abandoned along a WVA roadside just like Buddy (below) was shot in the face. The bullet took his eye and part of his jaw, but CHN, along with amazing veterinarians new he had the will to live. The organization did not hesistate to give him that second chance and covered the $4000 needed to save his life. He is now called Mavey and is now adopted and living with the Garber family right here in MD and is doing great!

Buddy: (see his videeo above) abandoned in WVA alongside a road. He had been shot in the leg. CHN provided the $5,000 surgery to stabilize his shattered leg. He is now adopted by a great dad named Darrell and is living a full life.

Canine Humane Network and its community of volunteers and supporters believe in providing the highest quality of life possible for all the pups entering our doors...even if the cost is substantial.

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